Hiring employees with fake CVs results in professional negligence

Many professionals like doctors, lawyers, engineers have great powers, especially if they are holding a senior level position in an organization. They are also obliged to conform to a certain code of conduct while they use their professional qualifications to do any kind of work and give references. This is key industry requirement and can cause various problems if it is not properly adhered to at every stage of the process.

For example if an engineer holding a senior government job falsely claims that an inexperienced young woman who did not study engineering , half his age, was his engineering college and had the CV of another woman engineer to get her a government job, the engineer giving fake references of an engineering degree to his girlfriend is guilty of professional negligence.

For getting any professional qualification, in UK and other countries, the person should undergo training and pass the exams which check the knowledge levels, only then will the person be recognized as a professional. The person is also expected to work for a few years at least to get the experience in his or her profession. When a person is faking an engineering or other degree and experience to get a job, the person the job with a fake resume would be guilty of Professional Negligence.

There are many patients who have died because the doctors they consulted did not have the relevant training and experience, or were faking their qualification. For most engineering design, there are certain guidelines to be followed, which a person who is faking an engineering degree and experience will not appreciate or understand.

So if the person with a fake engineering degree is asked to design a structure or equipment, the equipment is likely to malfunction, resulting in accidents which may be fatal and causing financial loss to the firm which purchases the equipment. So organizations which hire employees with fake CVs could be guilty of Professional Negligence at multiple levels. Human Resources should have verified the CV of the employee, and management should have proper systems in place so that employees with fake CVs are not recruited.